25 000 PS3's sold in South Africa to date?

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Steve Foster, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sony Europe, was in Cape Town recently and Gideon Nieuwoudt of iAfrica.com managed to get an interview with him and Lana-Jane Pike of Ster Kinekor games….

The entire 5 page interview is very interesting even though no ground breaking information was revealed, Steve admitted that Sony didn’t look at South Africa before releasing here which is no suprise honestly. 

However Abev did spot this little gem…

(Lana speaking) So you have your micro community of 2000 people who are interacting and using the machine as it should be used, and the rest, which is another 25 000 odd units that are not using the machine as it is supposed to be used.

? Did she just state that there have been around 25 000 PS3’s sold in South Africa since March this year? Honestly that is a lot more than I expected but is good news all round.

I am going to try and get confirmation from SterKinekor on that figure but for now I am taking this as fact… so is 25 000 a good number? I think so since we haven’t even had a Christmas yet..

So does anyone have any information about the 360 sales?

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[Thanks for spotting that Abev]

Last Updated: November 26, 2007

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