25 000 PS3's sold in South Africa to date?

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Steve Foster, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sony Europe, was in Cape Town recently and Gideon Nieuwoudt of iAfrica.com managed to get an interview with him and Lana-Jane Pike of Ster Kinekor games….

The entire 5 page interview is very interesting even though no ground breaking information was revealed, Steve admitted that Sony didn’t look at South Africa before releasing here which is no suprise honestly. 

However Abev did spot this little gem…

(Lana speaking) So you have your micro community of 2000 people who are interacting and using the machine as it should be used, and the rest, which is another 25 000 odd units that are not using the machine as it is supposed to be used.

? Did she just state that there have been around 25 000 PS3’s sold in South Africa since March this year? Honestly that is a lot more than I expected but is good news all round.

I am going to try and get confirmation from SterKinekor on that figure but for now I am taking this as fact… so is 25 000 a good number? I think so since we haven’t even had a Christmas yet..

So does anyone have any information about the 360 sales?

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[Thanks for spotting that Abev]

Last Updated: November 26, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • Abev

    Lol, My five minutes of fame.
    Im just wondering where those 2000 online users are?

  • Burns ZA

    mmm, no she didn’t say 25000 were sold here. She said 27000 were. 🙂

  • Il be nr 2001, bought my PS3 yesterday and will hook up today …now I just have to get a buyer for my xbox 360 and games

  • Burns ZA

    What games?

  • boredhousewife

    Sony is famous for conveniently confusing units shipped with units sold. So I think it is safe to say that since March Sony have shipped 25000 units to SA. Some market research on my part (I know three guys with PS3’s and they are all connected to PSN and they all play warhawk) leads me to conclude that the attach rate for PS3 to PSN is 100 %. Which leads me to believe that 2001 PS3’s have been sold to consumers in SA and that the other 23000 units are sitting on retailers shelves.

  • Bioshock, halo3, gears, superman, N3, Far cry, dead rising, lego SW 2, give me you mail add and il mail u more details or check my post on http://x360af.editboard.com/die-mark-plek-f15/xbox-360-pro-en-games-t461.htm#11220

  • Lana-Jane Pike

    Hi All,

    In order to clarify – over 25,000 PS3’s have been sold into stores since launch. SterKinekor Games expects closer to 30,000 to be sold in by the end of Festive Season. Of the 25,000 users – over 2,000 of them are interacting with PSN and the PlayStation store (an online service).

    Hope this helps.

  • Dont think so, try and find PS3’s…. most shops are out of stock… went to 3 malls and all possible shops yesterday.

  • And do we have any figures on the 360 in SA?
    I can believe the 25000 figure of PS3…

  • Burns ZA

    Hold on, when you say ‘sold into stores’ – that is different to ‘sold by stores’, if I understand the terminology correctly. If so, then there cannot be 25000 users, yet.

  • but like i say, try and get your hands on one, stores are sold out all over the show, so that means they are sold

  • LazySAGamer

    Just to confirm for anyone who is wondering, that comment from Lana-Jane Pike above is official, I have also contacted Microsoft for comments on the 360 sales Redzombie.

  • Banana hammock

    In March i walk into a store and they were sold out, i asked the guy there and he said the initial batch of 10,000 were sold out across the country. And that was in March.

    25,000 is very likely.

  • Abev

    Yea, I missioned like hell to get the PS3 I won, cos all makro/game/looknlisten/musica stores country wide were sold out, eventually they found one at a Pick n Pay Hypa.

    Boredhousewife, Im glad your market research was so expansive 😉 Lol

  • Brian

    That flag is the wrong way round. Red goes on the left!

  • scotty777

    I got the last 1 in cresta 😀
    Look me 3 hours to find it and at last I went to game… they had 1 left… my joy was cut short by the service at game… shocking… I just dropped 6g’s straight and they still treat me like crap…. still.. I guess I did in at game XD

  • jip every shop in cresta was sold out of PS3’s

  • LazySAGamer

    @Brian…. thanks for that. I can honestly say I never knew that… I guess that’s what I get for being to old to have been taught the rules in school :D…

    Flag is being updated…

  • Rob

    The attach of ps3s to psn can not be 100% since everyone doesn’t have internet service, doesn’t know about psn, and others do not want psn but it probably is a 80% to 90% attach since most of those that can afford the ps3 can also afford internet services.

  • doobiwan

    Then again any PS3 that plugs into the net is going to be considered “on PSN”.

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