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25% off boobs with Sakura Spirit

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Oh Japan, we truly love you. I know that you’re actually an incredibly reserved society and these types of games are just outlets for your craziness, but we’ve got to give you credit – no one does insane excuses for showing boobs like you do. With Sakura Spirit on special on Steam, this could be the game that you need.

Sakura spirit

All I can tell you about the game is that it’s basically about a boy who prays at a shrine, passes out, gets lost and finds a bunch of girls in a new world who are rather well endowed. The site refers to it as a Visual Novel, but all I can really see are enormous shiny boobs. Here is the trailer, prepare to be confused, and possibly aroused:

The game is 25% off on Steam, coming in at just $7.49 – it is even tagged with Kawaii and Fanservice. Also, it can run on PC, Mac and Android, so no matter your type of PC, you can play it. What more do I really need to tell you? Just look at the pretty pictures and decide if this game deserves your money because I really can’t see anything else that was designed to win you over.

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What do you think, did Japan just win the internet again? What more are you looking for in a game, or does this have everything that you need to be entertained. What I find particularly perturbing is the guy who reviewed the game with 94.2 hours on record – did he just leave the screens open for “personal viewing” time?

Last Updated: July 14, 2014

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