30 minutes. 5 games. Can you convince a sceptic?

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The Official Xbox magazine website has a great article on how to convince a Xbox sceptic to pick one up in 30 minutes using 5 games…

So what games did they choose to show of the power of the Xbox?

1. PES 6 – You have to be kidding? Bad graphics and no advantage over the PS2 version.

2. Crackdown – The suprise super hit… nice choice

3. Guitar Hero II – Just some good old fashioned fun

4. Test Drive – Eye Candy

To date no other title has given gamers the chance to drive more perfectly rendered cars than Atari’s Hawaiian MMO racer. Give your wide eyed convert an abridged island tour, but only allow them to rev your car collection from the safety of the garage. “I’m sorry, but you are simply not insured to drive my Zonda. You can open its windows though…”

and obviously it all ends up with Gears of War the undisputed game of the year….

Follow the link for the full article.

Source: Xbox 360 – The Official Magazine – 30 minutes. 5 games. Can you convince a sceptic?

Last Updated: May 30, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Or 5 minutes of four-player mayhem in Heavy Weapon.

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