33 million deaths in Dark Souls II from falling

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Don t fall

Dark Souls II isn’t just about dying, I swear. There is actually a lot of lore, and strategy, and moments of glory. Of course, there is also a lot of dying, and stats are showing just how you all are failing to survive.

Beyond the Bonfire shows off the glory of Dark Souls II. It’s not just about total deaths – there are stats on what kills people, what inventory items are most used, and which enemies have been killed the most. I’m going to start with the most depressing figure – 7,256,041,471,781 souls have been lost. That’s right, that’s how many times people had souls, died, and then died again. You all really need to work on that. Of course, when almost 34 million of you are dying simply from falling, it seems death is just around every corner.

It appears that the most hated enemy is the stray hound – with 80 525 493 of them killed, that a lot of howling. Have you killed the Tseldoran Settler? Well, you’re one of very few; only 643 871 of them have been killed. In fact, only 190,482 characters have made it to the end. That’s really not that many. Although, how many people honestly finished Dark Souls?

Are you equipping the Heide Knight Iron Mask? Of course you are – it’s the most popular helm to wear. I just can’t believe how many of you are wearing Havel’s equipment. You must be a slow and steady tank.

I’m still enjoying the game. It’s hard, there’s no doubt, but the co-op is making it a lot of fun. Praise the Sun!

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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