35 minutes of The Witcher 3 to melt your face off

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Yesterday, I wrote about the preview of the Witcher that we were shown at Gamescom. I had some rather nice things to say about what I’d seen. I avoided much of what happens towards the end of the demo though, because it’s perhaps a little spoiler laden – though I’m not sure spoiling one quest out of hundreds is really that much of an issue. Anyway, you can watch the whole thing yourselves now.

CD Projekt released the demo as a video yesterday, allowing you to see it in its entirety.  CD Projekt also shared some of its post-Gamescom numbers.

  • We have been visited by a whopping fifteen thousand fans who came to see the demo of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Our booth was visited by more than than one thousand journalists
  • We gave away twelve thousand t-shirts
  • Thanks to the awards we got during the expo, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has garnered over 150 awards!

The video will take up about 35 minutes of your time, but if you’re one of those incredibly eager Witcher fans, it’s well worth the investment. It should also help tide you over until the game’s release on new consoles and PC in February of next year.

Just like the actual booth demo, it comes with developer commentary, so you’ll be on the witchin’ down-low.  Once again, spoiler warning – but take special note of that amazingly twisted character design towards the end.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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