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360Zine Issue 4 is now available….

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The latest version of 360Zine is now available to download from www.gamerzines.com If you have never picked up a copy of this you have been missing out.

It is a very professional magazine filled with interesting articles and previews.

It’s free as well :) 

This edition contains amongst other things, An interview with the Creative Director of Bioshock and previews of Frontlines, Fuel of War, Brothers in Arms and many many others….

Follow the link below to download it….

360Zine Issue 4: Bioshock preview & interview
Issue 4 includes an exclusive interview with Ken Levine, Bioshock’s Creative Director, and a preview of Bioshock, plus previews of Frontlines: Fuel of War, Brothers in Arms, Sega Rally and reviews of GRAW 2, Bullet Witch, UEFA Champions Leage 2007, NBA Street Homecourt and Brian Lara Cricket. We also launch a new Xbox 360 Community section with a 360Zine clan challenge. Click here to download the issue for free!

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Last Updated: March 14, 2007

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