3D Pokémon X and Y headed to 3DS in October

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I’ll admit, I’m not exactly the biggest Pokermans fan around. I haven’t really put much time in to any of the games since the original ones on the Gameboy. My kids love the hell out of that stuff though – but if I have to hear one more argument about which hypothetical creature would kick some other fantasy critter’s ass, I might explode.

That said, I caught Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct in the hopes that the next Pokémon game would be a proper 3D RPG a little more like The sequel to Golden Sun. It looks like that’ll be the case, and I’m actually intrigued by the new one, which, like others, will be released as two versions, called Pokémon X and Y.

They’ll hit the 3DS in October this year  in ALL regions at the same time. Check it out, in the full video below (trailer at 7:17), and watch 3DS sales triple this year.

Last Updated: January 8, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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