3DS dated for Europe and USA – pricing set for both regions

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Last night Nintendo held a preview event for the 3DS in Holland. It was hosted by Jonathan Ross (yeah, that talk-show host comedian guy from England) and the entire 80 minutes of awkward announcements loaded with broken English, French accents and Ross’s lisp can be seen here if you absolutely have to.

If you couldn’t really give a rat’s left testicle about Jonathan Ross proclaiming himself the new head of Nintendo for Europe (jump to about 70:30 in the video – it’s pretty funny) then you can just read the important bits with us.

The 3DS will launch in Europe on 25 March 2011. Europe is technically our region for these sorts of launches so hold thumbs for a local release around that time as well. Nintendo Europe president, Satoru Shibata said that the price of the device will be “decided by retailers so our trade price has been delivered to customers already so please refer to their prices”. Hours after the event, retail stores in the UK, such as GAME and HMV, pegged their prices at £229.99 (about R2 400).

The 3DS is set to launch in the USA on 27 March 2011 and will have a retail price of $249.99 (about R1 750). Don’t bother importing from the USA though as the devices are region locked and you’ll have to import all of your games as well.

Just before the end of the event Shibata added that by June 2011 there will be more than 25 3DS games available for the new handheld. He also discussed the new Nintendo E-Shop that is available through the 3DS itself; users will be able to make digital download purchases from a back catalogue of Gameboy and Gameboy Colour titles amongst other things.

Source: Eurogamer 1 and Eurogamer 2

Last Updated: January 20, 2011

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