3DS Gameplay footage – You can’t see the 3D but at least you can see the graphics

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Japanese show MXTV has been allowed to film some gameplay footage from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS which has now been plastered all over YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately due to the fact that your computer/laptop isn’t yet 3D enabled you can’t see the awesome 3D effect of the 3DS but these video’s do give you an idea of the quality of the graphics from the 3DS.

And we’ve even got some footage of Rrrrrriiiiddddggggeee Rrrrraaaacccceeeeerrr, it’s Rrrrrriiiiddddggggeee Rrrrraaaacccceeeeerrr… Riiidddg oh just go watch the damn video.

Source: Neogaf via VG247

Last Updated: October 27, 2010

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