3DS on target to become the best selling console ever

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It seems crazy to think back now to when the 3DS was being released and thinking that Nintendo may have missed the boat on this one and that the device may not find a market.

Fast forward less than 3 years and it looks like Nintendo’s handheld darling may in fact usurp the PlayStation 2 as the worlds best selling console ever.

Granted it has a very long way to go still but this week it has passed an important mark by outselling the Nintendo Wii’s lifetime sales in Japan. The Wii has been out for over 7 years and had sold 12.6 million units in Japan, the 3DS has now sold 12.7 million and is just picking up steam.

In the overall scheme of things it has a long way to go before it reaches the 157 million that the PS2 has sold but its baby brother, the DS, has sold 154 million world wide so it’s not working off a small base.

According to VGChartz the 3DS is currently sitting on 34 million sold. But at this rate it could well overtake the PS2

Last Updated: September 26, 2013

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