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3DS Replacement in the works, less 3D more sticky

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This story has a massive rumour tag on it but if it’s true it’s going to upset a lot more people than a simple 3DS price drop.

According to French website, 01Net who also predicted the Wii-U, Nintendo are very concerned about the continuing bad sales of the Nintendo 3DS and may act sooner than later if the price cut doesn’t dramatically increase sales.

The rumoured plan is to drop the emphasis on 3D by allowing developers to create non-3D games for the handheld while also adding on a second analogue stick.

Apparently developers have already been asked to start developing titles that utilise 2 analogue sticks. But it’s not all bad for existing Nintendo 3DS owners as Nintendo are then expected to release a peripheral that will add a second analogue stick to your existing 3DS so that you can also enjoy games like Geometry Wars on the Nintendo 3DS.

So do we believe these rumours? No… well maybe.. okay some of them. I expect Nintendo to allow non-3D games onto their system in the near future and to lessen the emphasis on the 3D ability as the 3DS can stand on it’s own without that.

I don’t expect them to release a new version so soon so my dreams of Geometry Wars on the 3DS may still be a while away.

What do you think, would you trade in your 3DS for a twin stick 3DS?

Source: 01Net via 1UP

PS: Please don’t forget to marvel at my awesome Paint.Net artwork up above.

Last Updated: August 23, 2011

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