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Konami might be licensing or selling the Metal Gear Solid IP according to new rumours

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Metal Gear Solid is undeniably one of the most important and wasted IPs in video games today. From its 1998 reimagining that set a new benchmark for cinematic gaming to its fifth chapter that was mired in an ugly divorce between Hideo Kojima and Konami, the franchise has seen better days. Currently, the last time that Metal Gear Solid was in the news was for the PC port of the first two games in September, and before that, the horrid Metal Gear Survive spin-off that had none of the charm of the original games. Only an AI voice incessantly reminding you to drink lots of fluids.

Its been a quiet couple of years, with Konami largely transitioning into a new role where it rolls out pachinko machines and expertly dashes the hopes of any Silent Hill fan looking for a new entry in that series. But in a stroke of genius, someone at Konami has realised that a dormant franchise can still make it money, and it barely has to lift a finger to see some cash roll in.

According to a source speaking to ACG-Gaming (who nailed the Deathloop delay and the reveal of Far Cry Primal), Konami is currently putting out feelers for a buyer for the Metal Gear Solid IP, although its unclear if this is just for licensing or an outright purchase. ACG-Gaming popped up on Reddit to clarify its comments on a recent podcast (via The Gamer):

I was simply stating I had heard from a source, the same that informed of the Xbox boost the Deathloop delay, Bloodlines, and the other stuff I had talked about as saying this happening and that Metal Gear ITSELF was in some way UP for grabs,” wrote ACG-Gaming. “That source has been reliable all this year so I said it. I don’t have the time to really discuss bs so I don’t repeat most. But they were right about the Bloodlines stuff the Deathloop stuff. So I figured it was worthy.

Konami has of course said nothing, so it’s the usual amount of salt-pinching to be had. Could you imagine it though? Konami pulling a George Lucas and selling the keys to one of its most iconic franchises? It’d be a heck of a deal in an age where companies like Microsoft are willing to spend billions on acquiring studios and new technology. Speaking of, Microsoft seems to enjoy throwing its money around, maybe Xboss Phil Spencer should give Konami a call.

Metal Gear Solid 6 as a Game Pass exclusive, with Hideo Kojima back in the saddle, I’m calling it now.

Last Updated: April 15, 2021

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