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4 minutes of off-screen inFamous 2

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The first inFamous from Sony stablemates Sucker Punch was a pretty cool, but ultimately flawed super-hero sandbox title. It seems like they’ve fixed all of the issues for the second one though, because it looks mind-blowingly fantastic. Here’s 4 minutes of off-screen footage from a recent preview event for the title that was held in Germany.  As such, it’s entirely in German, and has the character models replaced with those of assorted sausages. Ok, that’s not true – but what you will see is a huge boss battle that’s one of the most action-packed I’ve seen for a while and has catapulted this electric game close to the top of my must-haves list.

Naturally, the video contains spoilers so if you’d prefer to to experience it first hand, you’d best not follow the jump.

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

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