425 Million gamers matched – 150 Million change of clothes

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While it may sound more like a dating sites tag line these numbers are coming out of the first annual Microsoft Open House in NYC.

Robbie Bach has been chatting about the Xbox 360 and has confirmed that there are now over 20 million Xbox Live members who have played in over 425 million online games.

That’s a whole lot of gaming. He also goes on to say that we have changed our avatars clothing over 150 million times or roughly 7 times each.

If you’re thinking that you haven’t changed your avatar 7 times and there must be some weirdo’s out there who are making up the losses you are 100% correct, I am one of them.

I personally have changed my avatar’s clothes about 5 times and my kids have been the culprit the other 149 999 995 times.

Robbie also announced that over 200 000 games of 1 vs 100 are played every weekend which pretty much confirms that the idea is a good one, it’s just a pity that we don’t get to participate in it properly.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: October 7, 2009

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