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4Chan gets people to brick Xbox Ones

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The Xbox One utilises a very different architecture to the Xbox 360, meaning that it’s nigh impossible to get Xbox 360 games to run on an Xbox One on a purely hardware level. with software emulation, it’s a little more realistic, but there’s probably not enough power in the hardware to do a convincing job.

So unless it comes via streaming of some sort, the Xbox One will never be able to play Xbox 360 games. Still, that’s not enough for some people, who got suckered in to bricking their Xbox One’s on the back of some faux workaround to enable backwards compatibility.

Here’s an infographic that appeared on 4Chan.


Tip: Don’t follow those instructions. It’s the quickest way to turn your Xbox One in to an Xbox None. Doing so will only end up with you having a very expensive brick stuck on a bootloop. Of course, those with sense wouldn’t have done this anyway; following instructions on 4chan is generally a great way to make yourself cry. This is the same place that spawned the obviously very false claim that iOS 7 added a feature that would make iPhones waterproof.

Even Major Nelson’s stepped in, informing the world via Twitter that nothing in the world will make your Xbox One play 360 games.

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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