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5 great games to look forward to in August

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This month, it’s been slim pickings for the dedicated gamer(at least as far as retail goes), something I believe is actually a good thing. It gives us a chance to recharge our gamer batteries – and perhaps tackle ever-increasing pile of shame; the list of unplayed or unfinished games that leer at us every time we boot our PC’s or start up our consoles. That changes next month – and once again we’ll be deluged by great games. Here are five great games vying for your attention next month.

New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS) – 17 August


Yes, it’s another side-scrolling Mario game – but Nintendo’s mixing the formula up a bit my making everything about the gold – with the ultimate game goal being to collect a million of them. to that end, there’s a number of new power-ups that help spawn gold coins; Gold Flowers that turn blocks into coins, rings that temporarily turn enemies gold and another that turns Mario’s own head in to a coin block.

Sleeping Dogs (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – 17 August


Yeah, I know it seems like I just can’t shut up about Sleeping Dogs; the open-world chop-socky adventure set in Hong Kong – but I’m excited. It tells the story of Wei Shen, an undercover cop who’s been planted into Hong Kong’s triad – and the moral battles he’ll face deciding just how far he’s willing to slip in to the crime underworld for the greater good. It’s filled with stylish action, insane car chases and great hand-to-hand kung-fu combat.

Darksiders 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – 21 August


The first game may have been little more than a darker take on the established Legend of Zelda formula – but the sequels mixing things up by having you play as another of the apocalyptic horsemen; Death on a personal mission to clear War’s name. Vigil games says we can expect a gameworld twice the size of the original game.

Dark Souls – Prepare to Die (PC) – 24 August


Brutally (but importantly, never impossibly) difficult RPG Dark Souls is headed to the Pc – thanks to the concerted efforts of PC gamers who demanded the game grace their platform of choice by way of an internet petition (What? An internet petition that worked?). 93 000 masochists have called for it to happen – and soon they’ll be able to delve in to a compelling, rewarding and addictive world that harkens back to games of yore. The poor bastards.

Guild Wars 2 (PC) – 28 August


If there’s one MMO that’s pushing me to give it a spin, it’s Arenanet’s ambitious subscription-free Guild Wars 2. For one thing, it features a genuinely persistent world – so the changes made to the world by its hundreds of thousands of players will actually stick – and a story that responds to player action. It also ditches the tired traditional questing system for something more exciting and dynamic.

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