5 million people to get the PS4?

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During this whole pissing competition of a next-gen console war, we’ve been saying that it will eventually come down to how people spend their money. Well, Sony is showing some of their numbers, and I’m pretty impressed.

In the company’s earnings call, CFO Masaru Kato enthused:

Compared to past platforms, the pre-orders that we have received for this new platform is much, much, much higher

Andrew House has said that over 1 million units have been pre-ordered. We’re not just talking about people putting a name down on a list – usually pre-orders require some sort of deposit. So, we can count on these being authentic pre-orders. But wait, there’s more!

Sony is expecting to sell 5 million units by 31 March 2014. That’s a lot of consoles – when the PS3 launched, Sony only managed to ship 3.5 million in the first fiscal year. If they can hit 5 million, they will boost profitability and secure themselves a sold foothold in the market.

Do you think it’s just the size of the market the PS4 has gone for at launch? Is this a breadth vs depth/market penetration thing with Microsoft? Oh no, I’m back to that pissing competition thing.

Last Updated: November 1, 2013

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