55% of people who know about Natal plan on buying it… 45% of Move owners to do the same

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Gamasutra has posted up the results of a study taken to see what the purchase intent is for Project Natal and the PS Move.

The official results state that only 8% of people plan on buying the Natal and only 6% will pick up the Move but those stats are severely misleading as only 15% of people are even aware of the two motion controllers.

So to be fair we are saying that 55% and 45% of people who know about the controllers are planning on buying them.

According to the research the people planning on buying Natal are overwhelmingly FPS players which makes sense seeing that the Xbox 360 has a huge FPS following while the PS Move’s purchasers have more varied tastes which include LBP 2, GT5 and SMG2.

Honestly it all means nothing until the respective companies start their mass market marketing.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: June 11, 2010

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