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6 Year Old Misses Bus, Takes Parents Car instead

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Here’s a really strange one, to say the least.

A six year old boy, who had missed his school bus, decided that thanks to the driving experience gained from playing Monster Truck Jam and Grand Theft Auto, he was going to take his parents car to school instead.

What happened next was no big surprise either, he managed to have himself a pretty decent accident. Now, most of you have already spotted the first major problem in the first paragraph.

Yes, exactly, we all have to ask ourselves what in the hell a six year old boy has been doing playing Grand Theft Auto.

What I do like is that instead of video games being blamed (and oddly enough they are not blamed at all in the original article), the parents are being charged with child endangerment. You can’t blame a six year old for his actions, he is only six, the parents on the other hand need a good talking to.

From the boy’s statement, it’s easy to see that his parents had no trouble letting him play a game that is so incredibly not suitable for him that it’s ridiculous and add to that the fact that he had played it enough to think that he was a decent enough driver to take his folks’ car to school.

Anyway, the boy is ok and actually still made it to school after being checked out but seriously, things like this just shouldn’t happen.

Source: The Associated Press

Last Updated: January 8, 2009

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