60GB PS3 to be discontinued in Europe/UK (and SA?)

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Okay I report on these sorts of things everyday and my head is starting to spin here. Can anyone keep track of what Sony is actually doing.

Hot on the heels of the fantastic 40GB SKU announcement is the news that the 60GB model is being phased out. The only PS3 that will be available in the PAL areas from now on is going to be the “Core” 40GB model.

According to David Wilson (Head of PR)

The only functionality that is being removed is backwards compatibility – and this is because we believe this less important now than when we launched – as there will be 65 PS3 games available by Christmas. Furthermore we believe we should now be devoting our resources to the future of PlayStation gaming and delivering next generation experiences

Nice to see that Sony hasn’t lost their amazing belief that we are all stupid. While I don’t think it is important, removing the memory card reader is losing functionality. So instantly Dave’s press release is wrong.

I think it has become quite clear that Sony misjudged what people were willing to pay for in this generation and I don’t understand why they don’t just come out and admit it. It really would win them friends.

Thanks to Brent for the tip, the source is actually another fantastic local site. It seems we are growing in strength 😉

News : 60GB PS3 to be discontinued in Europe/UK

Last Updated: October 8, 2007

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