72% of people who started Heavy Rain finished it

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72% of people who started Heavy Rain finished it 2

Let’s try a little experiment, think back to how many games you have put in your console or PC, okay now think about how many you have finished.

I’m guessing you are getting a figure of around 15-30% depending on how much time you spend gaming.

However if one of those games is Heavy Rain there is an incredibly 72% chance that you have actually finished it.

This stat was announced by the developers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream, over at GDC during an open panel today. To put it into comparison Mass Effect, which has a higher metacritic rating, only has a completion rate of 50%.

Why did Heavy Rain have such a good completion rate? Well I can only imagine because it was a more immersive story and the episodic nature managed to get people to keep coming back.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: March 3, 2011

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