80GB PS3 Confirmed for Korea

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Two suprises in one story, now that’s unusual 🙂

First off South Korea, the most internet enabled country on the planet does not have the PS3 yet…. How did that happen?

And secondly the Koreans are going to be getting a 80GB version of the PS3.

I first reported on this at the end of March and then followed it up with another report on the 17th of April and now it seem that exactly like the Elite the rumours where true.

What I really don’t understand though is why 80GB? That is such a small jump up from 60GB and since the PS3 can handle your bog standard SATA drives they could have easily slapped in a 120GB or 200GB… It would make a much better press release really.

So do you regret getting your PS3 now that a better version has come out? Yeah didn’t think so..

Link to Video Gamers of America

Last Updated: May 21, 2007

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