A brief look at Gearbox’s remastered Homeworld

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Borderlands developer Gearbox is now master of the Homeworld franchise, having picked up the IP up in the great THQ auction following the publisher’s unfortunate demise. We’ve known for a while that they’ve planned to remaster the original 3D space RTS games – but we’ve not had a look at how it was doing. Until now.

In a panel at PAX Australia, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford showed off a little of the remastered game, showing footage from the opening cinematic recreated for the remaster, and a  couple of screenshots. He also allays fan fears, by talking about how a number of the original developers are working on the remaster.  For fans who’ve been waiting for something new in the series, this is just a brief teaser, and doesn’t really hint at upcoming plans for a franchise that’s been lost in limbo.

For those less interested in the old, with an eye on new things, several members from original developer Relic started up Blackbird Entertainment. They were originally planning to make a Homeworld spiritual successor called Hardware, but Gearbox was nice enough to let them use the Homeworld name after they acquired the IP. Called HomeWorld Shipbreakers, it’s a prequel to the events of the first game – though we’ve seen or heard very little about the game since the deal.

Gearbox hopes to have the Homeworld Remaster ready for February 2015, and hopefully whatever interest it generates is enough to launch the series back in to space.

Last Updated: November 4, 2014

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