A call to arms – Do videogames cause or lead to violent behaviour?

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Quick family history lesson, my sister is an insanely qualified person who is currently lecturing a class on Criminology at a local University.

Every Friday they debate something and juggle the pro’s and con’s from either side (some of the topics are just downright scary and disgusting).

However tomorrow the topic is whether or not videogames are linked to violent behaviour which is where we come in.

She has agreed to take some of the logical comments posted here into account when giving the lecture tomorrow and then send back a brief (nutshell styled) report back on their ideas and findings.

So if you have an opinion on this and would like to have it heard by the people who grow up to make the big decisions now is your chance.

Just leave the ideas in the comments section below and hopefully we’ll get some decent points to throw across.

To help get you started, is there a difference in Real Life violence like we see in Grand Theft Auto compared to Sci-Fi violence experienced in Halo?

What about slapstick violence? Does that count?

What about sex in games? Does it affect you, is it worse than violence, who should police it?

Last Updated: March 11, 2010

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