A Closer Look at Battlefield 4

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Its next generation shooting doing its thing. EA showcase a 64 player multiplayer game, showing us what we can expect.

First up, we are told about a new Commander View. A commander is tasked with providing the team with valuable assets and having an overview of the playing field. Good communication will most definitely give a team the edge.

MORE DESTRUCTION! Battlefield players love their destructible environments, and it can definitely aid in certain battles. Part of the demonstration was one  team running into an underground tunnel. After a short fire fight, a tank is spotted. Instead of taking the tank head on, they instead opt to take out the supporting pillar in the underground area, forcing the tank to fall through the floor below it. This is only one scenario, but one can only imagine just how many other unique advantages arise from such destructible environments.

Speaking of destructible environments, the team climb a skyscraper to get a tactical advantage. Something goes wrong and they are forced to jump out of the building. Now I’m thinking “oh that’s quite cool”. Up until the point where the commentator says that the building is coming down. THE FREAKING BUILDING FALLS OVER!

Battlefield 4 is set to improve on the fantastic gameplay that 3 offered. If you’re a fan, you will definitely want to get hold of this game.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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