A female perspective about sexism in videogames

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Don’t roll your eyes at me for bringing this topic up again there is a valid reason for this. The first being that after the 4th of July there simply is no news to report on but more importantly this response to sexism in video games is possible one of the most well articulated ones I’ve seen and well worth a watch.

I’m very much on her side in this discussion as I truly do not believe the industry is particularly sexist and it irritates me that the world is currently so scared about being called sexist that it will attempt to bend over backwards to please the vocal minority.

In this video KiteTales (not sure of her real name) answers Anita Sarkeesian’s original video around sexism by debunking each of her points but ends it all off with a list of some of the most incredible female videogame characters we have to prove that women do have strong videogame role models to look up to if that is what they are looking for.

And what I find best is that she argues the point politely and yet firmly – never lowering herself to insults; yet you can see she isn’t going to roll over if you argue back. She has valid points and she expresses them excellently.

My only complaint would be that the video takes a little too long to lay the ground rules of the discussion.

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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