A final goodbye to Gears of War 3

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Competitive Gears of War 3 players say goodbye to their beloved game as the finals of the CMR Gears of War 3 Grand Finale plays out tonight. Local Xbox 360 clan Crimson Moon Rising and El33tonline hosted this tournament as the last before Gears of War Judgment releases.

Tonight teams Johnny Can’t Swim and Button Mashers will battle it out for third and fourth place. Even though these teams aren’t really considered big names, they have proven that they are talented. The match will take place at 20:30. The finals will play out between clan mates FLS Legion and FLS Betrayal at 21:30. Both these teams have been dominating on the Gears scene since Gears of War 2 and continue to show just why they are the best.

Prizes for the tournament include:

Winning Team:

  • 5 x 800MSP vouchers
  • 5 x Tournament mugs
  • 4 x Locust Squad Figures


  • 5 x Tournament mugs

Random prizes:

  • 1 copy of Gears of War: Judgement
  • XBLA/GOW 3 DLC codes

Crimson Moon Rising has made a great effort with this tournament, doing weekly updates and uploading video footage to Youtube.

Crimson Moon Rising official website: clancmr.co.za




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Last Updated: March 14, 2013

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  • DaxterZA

    The rules these guys make up for these clan matches are ridiculous! Even stuff like you cant play with certain characters because they have more health than the others and not all the guns are allowed blah blah bullshit! :-/

    The top clans are really good at this game though, I wont even bother to enter if FLS is in the comp…

    I love GOW, but I keep my distance from the whole MP community, the amount of stupid rules and players raging is too damn high!

    • The number of rules isn’t any different from any other competitive game though. We’ve kept the restrictions to a minimum too. Some other tournaments have way more.

      And I don’t think you can mention/play Gears of War without raging. It’s such a part of the game they may as well put it on the box, lol.

      • DaxterZA

        Of course people rage in games, but certain folks, I wont say names :-P, just freaks out completely!

        This one guy, after I chainsawed him 4 times in a row screamed like a little bitch and threw off his headset….not even the COD players are that bad, haha.

        And other times I would just be playing a match with my Lancer and all of the sudden people starts screaming at me that Im a noob and should only use the shotgun….Whatafoook?

        • Hillbilly Gamer

          Thats why I pefer co-op.

  • Thanks for shout out Yolanda 🙂

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