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Demon’s Souls players are attempting to open a mysterious door

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The joy of playing a new Souls game on launch is being right in the thick of it with everyone else. Hopping onto Reddit to figure out strategies and maybe learn the locations of some useful items always feels like some kind of community project. Mapping out these games is tough work and it takes a village to get through it, yet one thing players have been left stumped by is a mysteriously locked door found in the third section of Boletarian Palace. It’s covered up by an illusory wall and contains a locked door that just can’t be opened.

So that’s weird in its own right, but the real question is: What’s actually behind the door? Bloodborne, otherwise known as the best From Software game, had a similar locked door that puzzled players for ages until it was discovered that there wasn’t actually anything behind it. It was just a path that was intended to make it into the final game but was cut before release. The Demon’s Souls door could be a similar case if it weren’t for the item that’s contained in the room. Players have used the game’s photo mode to noclip their way past the barrier and see… something. Again, no one knows what the item is beyond the fact that it’s certainly in there.


Players have attempted numerous methods to open the door; everything from shifting World Tendency to every level to see if that affects the door to carrying around 79 gold coins, a reference to Bluepoint’s fantastic remake of Shadow of the Colossus, within which the studio also hid a new, locked door. The challenge continues but this being the internet, I doubt it’ll take too long to figure out how to actually open the door.

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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