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A new Mortal Kombat movie has been approved

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As long as gaming is becoming a bigger and bigger industry the flow of videogame movie adaptations just won’t stop.

We’ve been through a quiet patch recently after a slew or really disgusting adaptations so let’s hope they have learnt what went wrong and that the newly announced Mortal Kombat movie adaptation is going to be worth the entry fee.

On the positive side it’s being written and directed by the same team that has made the recent Mortal Kombat Legacy web series that has received pretty decent reviews.

They haven’t been blockbuster quality but the story line was at least related to the canon of the games and now with some decent financial backing we can hope that the rough edges can be smoothed and we can get something to be proud off.

Personally my expectations are for an utterly cheesy and embarrassing showing as only the major hardcore fans really believe there is a great storyline behind Mortal Kombat while in reality it’s a fighting game with goodies and baddies and special super powers sometimes.

I’m sure the end result will be fun but I’m just not entirely sure Kevin Tancheroen and Oren Uziel are going to be able to turn a very shallow story into a great movie even with nearly $100 million at their disposal.

My pro-tip would be to have as much near nudity as the last game did to ensure you get the young hormonal market buying multiple tickets.

Last Updated: September 30, 2011

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