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A new PlayStation Vita on the way?

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To say the PlayStation Vita is a little bit of a failure, is to say that Darryn is a little bit unattractive to members of the opposite sex. Though the hardware’s magnificent and the launch titles were pretty fantastic, there’s been little in the year since its release to convince gamers to part with their money in exchange for the handheld. It quite desperately needs two things; a price cut, and some blockbuster system-selling games. Instead, it looks like it’ll be getting a slight hardware update.

According to some unearthed patents, it looks like the Vita will be getting a hardware revision, adding something that absolutely nobody asked for: 4G connectivity. It might also feature an HDMI out, making it more like the dev units that already support the feature. Instead of a price drop, the system could be getting the hardware refresh, but maintain its current, expensive price point.

On the plus side, the sources say it’ll launch with a substantial new firmware upgrade that will add many requested features – such as the ability to organise things within folders. Accompanying that will be a price drop on the expensive proprietary memory cards that are required to even get the thing to play games.

Another interesting nugget of information is that this new Vita will be revealed at Sony’s “future of PlayStation” event on February 20th. I’ll tell you this; if it’s the only thing they’ll be showing off – and not the PlayStation 4 as rumoured – then expect much internet outrage and gnashing of teeth.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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