A new styled Lara Croft coming soon?

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laraOne of the sad things about the latest Tomb Raider not doing so well in the retail stakes is that 30 people have now been laid off from the developers, Crystal Dynamics.

One of those ex-employees, Eric Lindstrom, has been posting on a forum and answering questions from the public.

He goes on to say that a M-Rated Tomb raider was always a possibility and the fact that all the Tomb Raiders we have seen so far were T-Rated was a decision by the publisher that is no longer an absolute.

So they can finally spread their wings and really give us what we have always wanted, Lara and Duke in a action packed romantic comedy with aliens…

That is what we have always wanted isn’t it?

Source: MTV Multiplayer (Image: DesktopExtreme)

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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