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A playable Xbox build of StarCraft Ghost has leaked online

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There was a dream once. A dream of a dip into Blizzard’s far-off future that gave players full control of the Terran Ghost unit and allowed players to wreak absolute havoc across the cosmos as they runned and gunned their way through rebel headquarters, Zerg hives and Protoss temples. StarCraft Ghost was the name of this fantasy, and for years we were absolutely convinced that it was going to be a thing.

And then Blizzard woke everyone up with a cancel jostle in 2014, confirming that the game was all but dead. It’d been in development for an excruciatingly long time at that point, swapping platforms and evolving with the technology of the time but the overall gist of why Blizzard chose to ditch the project was because it simply wasn’t up to scratch with their internal benchmark for quality at the time.

A pity then, because what fans saw was an action game that looked great. StarCraft Ghost exists as one of those vaporware dreams, a game whose mythic status joined the likes of Six Days in Fallujah Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal. Until a few days ago that is, as StarCraft Ghost breached the realm of the living with an early Xbox build.

While it’s unknown who leaked the game, ResetEra reckons that the leak comes from a devkit. It looks…entirely alright, an average game of action that was prevalent at the time and did the rounds between players. Would StarCraft Ghost have been a huge success that paved the way forward for a new franchise at Blizzard that hungry fans couldn’t get enough of? Probably! Would the sequel have spent a godawful amount of time in the oven if that were so? Double-probably!

For now though, StarCraft Ghost exists like the phantom it was named after: A whisper on the Internet, a presence in the back of your mind and an intangible spook that few will ever get their hands on.

Last Updated: February 17, 2020

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