A PlayStation Cell Phone?

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It may not be a reality yet but it’s definitely in the league of near future as apposed to a kind of Star Trek science-fantasy. Yep Sony Ericsson has closed down both its Walkman and Cybershot brands and opted for a unified entertainment product or “entertainment unlimited”, as Andre Jacquet, head of global marketing and business management put it. Hideki Komiyama, president of Sony Ericsson also commented that the development of a PlayStation mobile phone “could still happen”.

Okay yeah sure I hear you… ‘yeah yeah its old news what with the iPhone’s gaming potential and ever-evolving quality’ blah blah blah. But drop the bashing and grab your spectacles to correct the short-sited pov and just think about it this way: more competition on a mobile gaming platform would push the technology and gaming quality further. Hell it may even produce something even more mind-blowing than a touch-screen PSP with a sim-slot… oh man in that case… as far as I’m concerned the iPhone better watch its back cause there just may be another worthy contender.

Last Updated: May 20, 2009

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