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A plea to the community

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This is an article that it pains me to write. I love the community we have and the loyalty and intelligence that you guys show on a constant basis but it’s unfortunately not all good.. we’ve had complaints.

And it’s not only one complaint either but it does relate to a very similar thing every time…

People feel like they are being bullied and that a group of readers are making it uncomfortable for others to join in on the conversation which horrifies me. We want this place to be welcoming to all and sundry and I realise some people feel like they’ve been around longer and belong here more.

That’s actually entirely true, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of the new guys or the less vocal. We’ve always appreciated the fun that people have in the comments, and we don’t want that to change. That fun, however, shouldn’t come at the expense of other readers. 

There is a line that gets crossed when PC vs console arguments come up and we expect better of you to be honest. We value intelligent banter and discussion but when it boils down to mud slinging for the fun of it it’s not good.

And it’s not only at each other.. if Call of Duty was a person it would be crying in the corner with the amount of abuse it gets. This part isn’t serious but really I’m totally bored of the mindless attacks against Call of Duty.

I get it a bunch of you don’t like the game but turning the comments section into a cesspit every time Activsion or Call of Duty is mentioned really isn’t helping anything.

We will continue to report on all gaming news and there are a ton of Call of Duty fans that I’d actually like to hear from without them feeling like they’re going to get pounced on by the anti COD corner. If you don’t like the game then great let us know.. just not every single time someone mentions it.

Please girls and boys, for the sake of everyone who enjoys gaming lets keep our comments friendly and welcoming.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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