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A real life Minecraft wedding proposal

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So we saw our own local loon romantic try an over the top videogame proposal at Rage this year that didn’t end very well at all but that’s not always the case.

Take for example this intrepid soul who managed to get the organisers of a Minecraft convention and the developer himself, Notch, to go along with it with customised soda bottles and all.

I have to say though if I called my wife a piece of meat in front of a huge crowd I’m not sure she would have agreed.. I went the old fashioned dinner and on top of the mountain route.

I’ve got a feeling these guys are going to be very happy together though, as long as Notch keeps on making new Minecraft titles.

Also while we’re talking about Minecraft head on over to Wallpaper4me an grab quite an awesome Minecraft background

Last Updated: November 21, 2011

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