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A Regular Show game is on the way – OOOOOOH!

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Cartoons. If there’s one thing that they’re good for, it’s selling stuff to you that you just don’t need. JUST LIKE MY MOM! If that line makes no sense to you, then prepared to get lost, because I’m about to trip the gigantic talking coffee bean, go eighties and talk more Regular Show.

Cartoon Network has a long history of creating games from its various TV shows, but recently, they finally got around to handing production duties over to a studio who broke some bones making something that wasn’t half bad for once.

Adventure Time was that game, with the general consensus being that it wasn’t shabby at all. As part of a deal with Cartoon Network, developer D3 will continue their contract by tackling Regular Show next. If you’ve yet to see that particular cartoon, make a plan this afternoon.

In a nutshell, it’s all about some twenty-something animal slackers that happen to work in a park that is populated with more eighties references, retro games and bad fashion taste than a hipster cupboard.

“As a brand, Regular Show is tailor-made for an interactive release, with main characters who spend their time slacking off, playing video games or involved in hijinks that are certainly worthy of being in a game,” said Cartoon Network VP of consumer products Pete Yoder, in the announcement that Shack News picked up on.

With a show creator who loves games working closely with a partner that has proven success creating high-quality licensed titles, we’re excited to release our first Regular Show game later this year.

I’m a huge fan of the show, truth be told. It tickles the right bone (not that one you perves), has some great licensed music and the video game references are non-stop. It’s on regularly (BADUMTISH!), and it’s one of the few standout cartoons of this generation.

Lets see if D3 can keep the momentum going with their version of that property.

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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