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A remake of Prince of Persia may be announced real soon

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I’m so young that when I think about the first Prince of Persia game, the one that comes to mind is The Sands of Time that was released in 2003. Which isn’t all that accurate considering that Prince of Persia is a franchise that dates back all the way to 1989, with the first game releasing on MS-DOS. Yet “modern” Prince of Persia is probably where a lot of people came to first know the titular prince and his rather complicated relationship with magical sand, daggers and the very nature of time. The 2003 game is still great, a classic marred by some wonky camera nonsense that was so common in older platformers so the news that it might be remade…well, it’s a little tantalising.


The rumour is a touch sketchy but it’s being held up as fact by some pretty huge names in the industry. Listings for a PS4 and Switch version of something called “Prince of Persia Remake” were spotting swirling around an online Guatemalan retailer by the name of Max. It has since been removed but obviously not before someone was able to grab a quick screengrab of it. Guatemala isn’t exactly known for their gaming industry so this might very well be a hoax…if it weren’t for Bloomberg’s Jason Schrier confirming the leak to be real. Schrier is notorious for his insider information and has claimed that this remake was intended as a “surprise announcement” that would most likely have been formally announced at the Ubisoft Forward event scheduled next month.


It would be a real treat if “Prince of Persia Remake” included the entire “modern” trilogy or, although it’s far more unlikely, a remaster of the excellent 2008 reimagining. Hell, a “remake” could mean taking the 1989 game and giving it a modern paintjob although I’m not hedging bets on whether that will be the case. Considering it has been so long since we saw The Prince in action outside of For Honor, I would be very excited to play through that original game again.

Obligatory, “Where’s the Splinter Cell remake, Ubisoft?” comment. 

Last Updated: August 20, 2020

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