A Skyrim mod that increases game macho levels by a 1000%

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I’ve got to hand it to Skyrim, since it’s release, we;ve seen a lot of expanded content surrounding the game flourish and thrive. We’ve seen some great fan films, PC mods and a joke that has been beaten so far into death, that using it anymore counts as necrophilia.

But just when you thought that you’ve seen everything there is to see, along comes a PC mod to end all mods. Disturbing? Yes. A cheesy slice of 80’s steroids and catch-phrases? Oh yes.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting…The Macho Man Randy Savage dragon mod. Busting into a Slim Jim video after the jump.


What’s even more disturbing is how well a Macho Dragon suits the Skyrim universe.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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