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A ton of new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake shows off Midgar, new locations and characters

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I’m still riding a Materia high after having experienced the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, a slice of game that allowed to not only wield Cloud Strife’s infamous Buster Sword with subtle hints of Crisis Core gameplay, but also allowed me to switch things up and try my hand at a more classic RPG approach. The game is looking good, the visuals are impossibly spectacular for a base PS4 title and if this is but the first chapter in a massive saga that retells a classic tale then I’m ready to rock and roll.

Said rocking or rolling will have to wait until April 10, but until then here’s a whole bunch of new screenshots to take a gander at! From the Honeybee Inn to the streets of Midgar, new characters and all the prettiest girls present with at least one of them leaving you with very confused feelings:

We’re not done yet! Square Enix also dropped details on some of the characters you’ll encounter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here’s the quick breakdown on them:

Tseng – the leader of the Turks


The Turks are a small, elite organization with Shinra that does everything the company needs it to – be it scouting out candidates for SOLDIER, protecting VIPs, or even assassination. Their cool-headed leader has a knack for managing his eccentric subordinates. He’s an old acquaintance of Aerith’s, and has been keeping watch over her since she moved to the slums.

Don Corneo


This lecherous scumbag is the true ruler of Wall Market. He hosts nightly auditions for the “next Mrs. Corneo” and although his mouth is as foul as his face, he has an uncanny way with people – even the dregs of society are securely under his thumb.

Andrea Rhodea


The owner of – and dancer at – the Honeybee Inn is a man of influence within the quarter, with the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. Each night, he dazzles his crowd with performances that defy description. Always seeking perfection, he rigorously trains both his mind and body.

Leslie Kyle


Don Corneo’s lackey may look young, but he has the heart of an old curmudgeon. His dead-eyed stare and general apathy have earned him pride of place among the don’s men.

Madame M


Madam M is the proprietress of a hand-massage parlor in Wall Market. Like Andrea, she has a great deal of influence within the quarter – that includes the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. Be warned that she’s a prideful sort, and only as courteous as her customers are deep-pocketed.

Chocobo Sam


A Chocobo handler in Wall Market, Chocobo Sam is another prominent figure with the authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions. He runs a delivery service called Sam’s Delivery. He also happens to be an avid gambler – though he’s hooked more on the rush than any money he may win.

But wait, there’s more! If all of the images above aren’t enough, then check out the first episode in a new online documentary detailing how Final Fantasy VII Remake was made. It’s neat and shows off the blood, sweat and tears that went into an epic reimagining that was Herculean in the labour of love that Square Enix embarked on. Plus it has interviews with producer Yoshinori Kitase, game director Tetsuya Nomura and more!

Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives on April 10. I can already hear that isolated notes of the intro playing in my head already.

Last Updated: March 17, 2020


  1. My wife was watching me play the demo, and said; “that guy is really pretty, that´s probably why he carries such a big sword”


  2. RinceThis

    March 17, 2020 at 15:49

    Cannot frigging wait. How will this work? 3 instalments?


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