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A very, very hypothetical comparison of the PS4 and Xbox 1

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Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry put together two PC’s built using parts that they believe are analogues of the components that will be found in Sony and Microsoft’s next generation consoles, and compared them. According the the specs we know so far, Sony’s console has up to a 50% GPU clock speed advantage over the Xbox One.

The result of course, is that the target PS4 runs things a little faster than the Target Xbox One – but really not by much. It’s also worth noting that this is base PC hardware, without any of the hardware tweaks and optimisations that the consoles will be getting, running current-gen  games that haven’t been optimised for the respective systems.

In the end, they seem pretty pleased with the target hardware, saying that:

”At the 1080p next-gen console standard, that level of texture quality looks simply phenomenal and the overall experience is completely transformed from the compromised current-gen editions. Assuming the CPU power is there, the graphics hardware of both consoles should be able to sustain a 1080p30 performance level on this demanding game with just minor fluctuations, and that’s before we factor in the benefits of closed platform APIs and console-specific optimisation. And as a starting point for performance in the next-gen era, that’s not too bad at all.”

In the end, real-world performance between the two consoles is likely to be nigh imperceptible. Until you factor in the amazing power of the cloud, of course. 

Last Updated: August 1, 2013

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