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A year on, what’s happening with Stasis?

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Remember this time last year, we were telling you about a local guy who was hoping to raise money for this cool game, STASIS. The game got funded and we even had a cool Q&A with the team. So what’s been happening since then? Here’s what.

First up, the game was originally shooting for a Q3-Q4 2014 release date. The team is now working furiously towards an end of Q1 2015 deadline as they’ve added some excellent extras. For example, Mark Morgan, the composer for Wasteland 2 and Fallout, has completed the STASIS soundtrack and is now working on an extended musical score. STASIS is also getting localized – translated into German, Polish, Russian, French and Spanish. But it’s really coming together, according to game creator Christopher Bischoff:

The last year has been an amazing experience making STASIS a definitive adventure game. STASIS is now looking and feeling like the game I dreamed of all those years ago.

Just check out the dynamic lighting that’s been added to the game:

There are also some gorgeous new screenshots to rub your eyeballs over:

If after a year you still have no idea how cool STASIS could be, you can go play the alpha over here. And they are even still accepting money being thrown at them.

The game is coming along nicely, and it’s excellent to see a local game get so much attention, and then follow through on planning. It’s clear that STASIS isn’t in development hell, and will release pretty close to the planned time. The Bischoff brothers are incredibly cool guys, and every time I see them at local indie meet ups they are happy to chat about the game’s progress and how things are going. It’s probably best that the game isn’t releasing now – with the glut of AAA games releasing at the moment, it simply won’t get the same attention that it should. Q1 2015 sounds a whole lot better.

A year ago, plenty of you were rather excited about this game. Don’t let the development time deter you, it seems there are still plenty of reasons to be excited for STASIS.

Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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