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Abandon all hope of local PlayStation Now support

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Sony’s PlayStation Now is a neat service. Using their Gaikai acquisition, they’re able to let players stream games from the cloud, and have them actually be playable. In its current beta phase, it supports the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Later, it’ll support TV’s and tablets, making just about any connected device a console. It works…just don’t expect it to work in South Africa, ever.

YouTube user Cry0spa7t3 (via Dualshockers) uploaded lengthy video showing everything you need to know about the service. Games take about 50 seconds to load up which is amazing. Games can be purchased or rented, and then show up on the PlayStation 4’s menu like a regular game.

The games load and work, though there is quite a bit of visible, noticeable lag. That can be easily overlooked though save for one thing: he has a 100Mb internet connection, and actually resides near a Gaikai datacentre.

Obviously  the service will mature. This is still very much the first beta testing phase, but the chances of there ever being a PlayStation Now server in South Africa are slim indeed. So few of our internet connected gamers even possess the minimum required 5Mb line for game streaming and even if they did, it would congest our already filled-to-capacity exchanges.

PlayStation Now seems like a glimpse in to the future, but it’s not a future that’s coming to South Africa any time soon.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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