According to an Amazon Poll the Xbox One is dead

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Even at the best of times a poll isn’t the best way to really judge public opinion. I mean if we believe polls entirely we’d really believe that most of America wanted Bush as their president and that Mugabe is a rightful leader… but it gets worse.

Once you move into online polls though things start getting even worse so take this with a truck load of salt but Amazon has been running a poll on their videogame Facebook page and the results make for some terrifying viewing for the guys up in Redmond.

At the time of writing here are the current results


Yes that’s 25 766 to PlayStation 4 compared to 1 452 to Xbox One… I’m too lazy to figure out a percentage there but it goes without saying that Sony is killing it with the online vote at the moment.

it’s changing by the minute but from the time I’ve been refreshing the trend is very much that the PS4 is growing it’s lead… you can watch the slaughter here and feel free to keep us updated in the comments.

Last Updated: June 14, 2013

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