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Accusations of rape against Twisted Metal are insane

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Over the weekend the developer behind the upcoming Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, was forced to confirm that the scene in the trailer where Sweet Tooth is attacking a girl doesn’t imply that he is raping her.

As soon as I read that I had to go back to the trailer as I couldn’t remember seeing anything like that and I was correct there is nothing like that. At around 38 seconds into the video Sweet Tooth is seen inside a house about to kill a girl.

Being a murdering, slashing piece of scum this is pretty much what he does so it’s not a surprise, however someone seeing this as rape shows a little more about the thinking of the reporter than the visual depiction in the trailer.

As for what David Jaffe had to say,

Wow- amazed/saddened/confused that people are getting ‘rape’ from the new TWISTED METAL trailer. Wha?!? Is it Tooth attacking a girl? Yep! That’s kind of what he does:he’s a slasher in the vein of Freddy and Jason. But raping her?!? Where the hell are some of ya’ll getting that?

Followed up with

The fact that many auto assume violence against women (violence against ANYONE is horrific) equates to rape I think speaks more about that person’s views of sex and power and violence than our trailer does. Rape is a violent, non sexual act in most cases. Our media being sexualized should have NOTHING to do w/triggering a thought of rape4 folks who don’t go there anyway.

If you want to judge for yourself take a look at the video below

Source: Examiner

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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