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Ace Combat gets a new video – “The Shark”

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Ace Combat has had a long and venerated history on PlayStation platforms except, curiously, this generation where they’ve  only appeared on Microsoft’s platform. That changes in October with the release of Ace Combat : Assault Horizon, Namco-Bandai’s celebrated combat flight game, which’ll be hitting both HD consoles. That’s not the only change though; There’s a greater emphasis on close-range aerial combat, speed and explosive action steel carnage. Also, HELICOPTERS!

We got to take a first-look at the game at a recent Megarom event, and its new focus is immediately apparent. It’s balls-to-the-wall, high adrenalin stuff that plays, in many respects, like a jet-fuelled third-person shooter. It’s got over 30 licenced aircraft for you to pilot and a narrative written by New York Times’ best-selling military author, Jim DeFelice, so there should be a more to it than just “woosh” and “pew pew pew.” Here’s a new trailer, highlighting the game’s evil air-borne enemy “The Shark”

Last Updated: May 13, 2011

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