Agent 47 is back in a new Hitman

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Before E3, rumours swirled that everybody’s favourite bald, emotionless psychopathic assassin, Agent 47, would be making his “new gen” debut. Square Enix confirmed as much last night – that we’d be getting a brand new Hitman.

“The new game is simply called “HITMAN”, says Square. “We did this because in many ways this is the start of a new journey for Hitman. Don’t think of it as a reboot, though – think of it as a pure Hitman experience and the foundation for future HITMAN games. Agent 47 is the aspirational assassin, he’s at the absolute peak of his power this time around. This is our central promise: a pure assassin fantasy. So we liked the simplicity and the power of calling this game HITMAN. We want him to be powerful and embody the fantasy completely, and he will remain a constant throughout everything we do with the games going forward.”

According to Square, the game this time will focus even more on creativity – so taking out your high profile targets will be more engaging and entertaining than ever before, with the game featuring a “living sandbox, ” with locations that are “more detailed, more populated and much larger than ever before, full of things to experiment with and targets to kill.”

It’s not a standard retail game though. The game will be made available digitally, starting December 8 – with new locations, missions and contracts being added throughout the next year. They want it to be a community experience. It’ll be sold at the full $60 retail price though, which makes it a little weird. Still, the premise is interesting.

“Imagine a target appearing for every player in the world, for a limited time only… let’s say 48 hours. Where your one shot counts. And when that target is gone, it is gone forever. A shared experience where we imagine the HITMAN community will come together every time a new mission or new location appears. For $60 you’ll get full access to all of this content – everything we release as part of this story.”

It’ll be available on PlayStation 4 first, with Sony’s system getting a handful of exclusive missions, and exclusive access to the beta.

“We’re very happy to invite you into this world of assassination. It’s a place full of challenges, contracts, hits, targets, opportunities, choices and freedom.”

We’ll get to see actual gameplay later this evening at Square’s press conference.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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