Alan Wake on XBLA is really ambitious, essentially "Alan Wake 2"

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So what exactly is the upcoming Alan Wake: Night Springs? It’s due for release on Xbox Live Arcade next year, but developer Remedy Entertainment has been generally cryptic regarding details on the beleaguered writer and the spooky crap-storm that he always finds himself in.

Fans haven’t been exactly thrilled with the news that Alan’s next appearance is exclusive to a digital distribution platform, citing concerns that the move means that players will get a game that doesn’t live up to the success of the original.

Not so, says VGA 2011 Coordinator Geoff Keighley, who has seen footage of the game that will be debuted at the awards show next week, as he compared it to a full-blown sequel.

Keighly then went on to explain how Alan Wake: Night Springs is “structured like a full release complete with a pretty damn impressive storyline”, giving it his vote of confidence.

“I’ve seen the game, I’ve seen the trailer we’re showing and even though it’s going to be a downloadable game, it’s not a small game,” Keighly told Major Nelson. “I mean, it effectively is, I think, Alan Wake 2 when you really look at it and look what they’re doing with that game.

“It’s really ambitious, beautiful technology and I think people are going to be really excited about it. So I think one thing that’s happening and will happen over the next year is the idea of downloadable games will change and it won’t necessarily mean small experience”.

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There’s going to be quite a few games debuting and re-emerging into the spotlight at the awards show next week, and I have to say, I’d be happy to revisit the nightmarish world of Alan Wake once again.

Last Updated: December 6, 2011

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