Alan Wake’s Euro Release Gets Pushed Forward

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Console Exclusives Alan Wake and Gran Turismo 5 have often drawn parallels, thanks to their long development time and delays. Alan Wake has now broken the cycle completely, because not only did it actually get a solid release date – that release date has now been pushed forward.

That’s the opposite of a delay.

Originally scheduled for a euro release on May 21, the game’s release date has now been pushed forward a whole week to May 14th. American and Japanese release dates remain the same, at May 27 – which means for once we get to finish the game and post spoilers on the internet, ruining the game for those yank bastards for a change.

Remedy’s Matias Myllyrine said the game has been done since June last year – and it’s now very obviously finished if they’re sending out press releases saying it’ll be coming early. Anyway, believe it or not, the game is finally – after being announced 5 years ago – going to be available earlier than expected.

Last Updated: April 7, 2010

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