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Alan Wake’s Return trademark registered by Remedy Entertainment

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I quite liked Alan Wake when it first came out back in 2010. Often delayed but eventually fully-realised, it was a smart and meta journey into literary darkness and the power of conveniently placed flashlights in the fight against darkness-possessed rednecks that wanted to rip you to ribbons. Good, frightening times man.

The last we saw of Alan Wake however, was in the form of American Nightmare. For what it was meant to be, it was actually pretty decent: A quick spin-off game utilising even more meta references and trapping you in some sort of infinite loop as the beleaguered author. Since then however, it’s all been quiet on the Alan Wake front as developer Remedy Entertainment focused all their efforts on Quantum Break.

Will Alan Wake ever return? Well his trademark will, at least. As discovered by NeoGAF, Remedy filed a trademark for something called “Alan Wake’s Return” back on February 23. Submitted to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market’s Fast Track service, the trademark has yet to be completely authorised by the governing body.

And it could be anything really. The cynic in me believes that this is merely Remedy protecting their intellectual property, registering a placeholder and even going so far as to register a domain with the same name, some time back in June last year. It’s a dead site for now, but one that Remedy does own.

The optimist in me would love to see a new Alan Wake game however. Remedy hasn’t ruled out the possibility of them returning to the series, even though they’ve been tight-lipped on just what it is that they’ll be doing now that Quantum Break has wrapped up production. But I’m game for some more novel action.

Last Updated: February 26, 2016

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