Albion needs YOU to squash post-launch bugs

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Fable III is out and about and it looks like a lot of fun. If I could wrestle the controller away from my fiancé then I might be able to give the game a go. Until that time I’ll have to just watch from the sidelines and sulk.

That or I could wait for one of the game’s bugs to crash her save file, although I shudder to think of the reaction that might illicit from her were it to happen. Evidently this particularly nasty bug is prevalent. Fortunately Lionhead has a patch on the way, but they need your help to iron out some more.

Lionhead has set up a fault reporting page for gamers to report any bugs they find during their swashing and buckling in Albion. If you find anything then head on over to this site and let them know about it.

Lionhead has not given a date for the patch, but they have confirmed that they are working on one while keeping a close eye on what the public reports to them. In the meantime, if you suffer a save game file corruption then the developers have this advice:

“If you do experience a corrupt save game and there is no work around, then all I can personally recommend you do is start a new game and apologize for any stress this might cause. We really do feel for you if this happens!”

So we have to start a new game and apologise? Yeah, that’s not helpful.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 3, 2010

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